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Seeley International demonstrates that entering the Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year category at the Endeavour Awards on an annual basis really pays off, Alan Johnson reports.

Seeley International demonstrates that entering the Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year category at the Endeavour Awards on an annual basis really pays off, Alan Johnson reports.

For the second year running, Seeley International has taken-out the Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year award at the annual Endeavour Awards, this year for its Climate Wizard product.

Known for its technical innovation and product leadership, Seeley is Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer.

Seeley International’s Founder and Chairman, Frank Seeley, accepted the award at the official ceremony on 25 May in Melbourne from sponsor Phalanx Consulting Group, and acknowledged the judges’ hard work.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first thing I would like to do – and I would like to do it from the bottom of my heart – is to thank the judges. They have done a wonderful job," said Seeley.

"It has nothing to do with the fact that we are the winner. It has to do with the high calibre of the entrants.

"We have a product which can provide air at the quality of air conditioner with the tenth of the price. We can do anything you want, if you want it domestic or industrial.

"We’re incredibly excited about Climate Wizard and what it means for the industry, so it’s fantastic to receive this level of recognition for the product, its innovation and its energy efficiency.

"The Climate Wizard is a new way of cooling and is like nothing the world has seen before. For the first time, we can cool even the hottest climates in the world and reduce energy use.

"Climate Wizard is dramatically different to traditional, direct evaporative cooling, in that it is capable of delivering much colder temperatures without adding any additional moisture to the conditioned space."

The Climate Wizard was released internationally for commercial sale in 2010. The unit is an indirect evaporative air conditioner which works by drawing in hot outside air and passing it through a series of wet and dry channels.

This allows for natural evaporation to cool the air, and warm air is then expelled while cool air is delivered into the building.

According to the company, this approach is similar to traditional evaporative cooling because it contains no synthetic refrigerants and uses only water and moving air to cool the room.

Climate Wizards uses a single, electric motor-driven fan, a water management system and a water distribution system.
A revolutionary new technology, the ultra high-efficiency counter flow heat exchanger, allows the Climate Wizard to use natural evaporation to cool the air, but not to add any moisture.

The cold air produced by the product can be equivalent to that produced by refrigerated systems, with temperatures that approach the ambient dew-point temperature.
According to Seeley, the air delivered into the building is cold and has no added moisture.

The entering cold air removes the heat within the building and is then exhausted to the atmosphere.
It then can be used on its own, to provide stand-alone cooling, or in conjunction with existing refrigerated systems in a bid to slash energy use and reduce load on the plant.

Existing installations include data centres, food processing plants, offices, factories, warehouse, supermarkets, leisure centres and education facilities.

It can be used in three different configurations and a range of applications – whether it’s a new building or an existing one. All three configurations are said to deliver significant energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Since its launch in 2010, Seeley has sold an astonishing 63 units with sales revenue of over $580,000.

Within the next few years, the launch of the new residential Climate Wizard should continue to contribute to company revenue.

The product has also facilitated installation in establishments such as Bolton University, University of Adelaide and Australian National University Canberra.
Seeley said the company has always subscribed to the notion that a good portion of business turnover should be dedicated to product and process research and development.

"Over the years, this has typically been around 5% of turnover and, as a result, the technology base of the company has expanded to include many technical skills in innovation, design and manufacturing," Seeley said.

What the judges said:

The judges said the Climate Wizard was a great product as it is not only practical for consumers, but also for industrial applications.
"It not only saves costs and it is also energy efficient. Seeley’s ground breaking technology will see them succeed in this market," they said.

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