Confirmation future Holdens will come from Germany

The boss of GM’s German brand Opel has confirmed that, when
Holden finishes its manufacturing operations in 2017, over a third of Holdens
will be made in Germany.

Speaking at the Paris Motor Show last week, Karl-Thomas
Neumann said, the already-announced Cascada convertible, the Astra GTC and VXR
hatches and the Insignia VXR performance sedan are “just the start of things to

He added that Opel is “making significant investments in new
models, engines, transmissions and testing facilities to ensure we deliver truly
world class products to our export markets like Australia.”

Neumann offered no hint about whether future Holden
Commodore’s will be among those cars coming from Germany.

However, there has been much speculation that this will be
the case and, according to Cars Guide, it is a near certainty that future
Commodore will be a rebadged Opel Insignia sedan, which is now also sold as a
Buick in China and North America.

A new model of that car is expected in 2016. Then it will
probably have a showroom arrival in 2017. According to Cars Guide that new ‘Commodore’
(it is not yet known what it will called) and the locally made Commodore may be
available at the same time for a short period.

Unlike now, potential Commodore drivers will have to choose
between only four-cylinder and V6 sedans and wagons. There will be no V8 or ute
and the vehicles will not be rear-wheel-drive.

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