Commercialisation of Australian marine energy on the horizon

Australia’s marine energy companies have united in an industry taskforce to advance the commercialisation of marine renewable technologies.

Tidal and wave energy developers Atlantis Resources, Bombora Wave Power, BioPower Systems, MAKO Tidal Turbines, Open Hydro, Protean Energy, Tenax Energy, Wave Rider and Wave Swell Energy have launched the Australian Marine Energy Taskforce (AMET).

In the last two years, a relatively small number of companies have spent over $24.5 million developing their marine technologies. A further $46 million expenditure is planned by these developers in the next two years.

 “The launch of our industry body coincides with the recent announcement of a federal government ARENA funded $5.85 million project to map Australia’s tidal energy potential, the Western Australia government’s $19.5million commitment to develop a Wave Energy Centre in Albany and completion of the Wave Energy Atlas by CSIRO,” said Stephanie Thornton, AMET honorary secretary.

“This state and federal government support underpins Australia’s commitment to embrace marine energy as part of Australia’s renewable energy mix. These publicly funded initiatives will provide scientific validation of the energy potential from Australia’s wave and tidal resources.”

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