CNC manufacturer signs with Flow Power


Australian business-power retailer Flow Power has signed ANCA, a market leader in CNC machinery and systems, for its Renewable Corporate Power Purchase Agreement.

The agreement sources renewable energy from Ararat Wind Farm to allow ANCA direct access to long-term energy at wholesale prices.

This renewable energy can be used in real time to offset grid electricity consumption, potentially saving businesses thousands of dollars in electricity costs and reducing overall emissions.

“At ANCA we are always looking for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment and, as a manufacturing plant, the partnership with Flow Power to access renewable power will bring us tremendous benefits,” said ANCA’s Group CEO Grant Anderson.

“This is a win-win helping both our business and the environment.”

ANCA has succeeded on a global scale by taking an innovative approach to manufacturing and Anderson says that Flow Power’s unique model of “giving companies back the control over their energy costs” is an approach that shares our his company’s core values.

ANCA will buy its power from a renewable plant, accessing fixed rates for long term savings over a period of ten years.

The agreement will buy a fixed percentage of wind and solar power directly from the renewable generator in real time, calculated at 30 minute intervals under a “take or pay” arrangement, meaning that ANCA will only pay for what it uses.
“We’re very pleased to welcome ANCA as a customer and as one of the very first companies to benefit from Flow Power’s Renewable Corporate PPA,” said Matthew van der Linden, managing director of Flow Power.

“This type of deal is a game changer. Finally, we’ll begin to see Australia to catch up with other international markets that have proven this model to be a success.”

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