Chrysler to recall 2.7m Jeeps in US

Chrysler is to recall 2.7 million Jeep Libertys and Jeep Grand Cherokees in the US. The move follows concerns that the vehicles represent a fire risk.

AAP reports that, two weeks ago, US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) pressured Chrysler to recall the vehicles after it had identified that rear end collisions can rupture the vehicles’ fuel tanks and cause fire.

The NHTSA claimed that as many as 51 deaths had been reported in such collisions.

Chrysler originally rejected the idea of a recall and maintained that the vehicles meet the relevant safety standards.

However, while still maintaining that the cars meet these standards, the auto manufacturer now has now decided to "conduct a voluntary campaign with respect to the vehicles in question". This will involve inspections and modifications if necessary.

"Chrysler Group's analysis of the data confirms that these vehicles are not defective and are among the safest in the peer group," the company said in a statement.

"Nonetheless, Chrysler Group recognises that this matter has raised concerns for its customers and wants to take further steps, in coordination with NHTSA, to provide additional measures to supplement the safety of its vehicles."

Chrysler also disputes the NHTSA’s figure of 51 deaths being attributable to the rear end collisions and claims the figure is only "about 21".

Last month Chrysler recalled 469,000 Jeep SUVs worldwide due to faulty circuit boards which caused the vehicles to needlessly shift gears.

Image: Wikimedia Commons