Chinese manufacturing hub looks to worker-free factory future

An electronics factory in Dongguan has made all its processes robot-controlled, as 1,000 – 1,500 companies in the manufacturing hub enact “robot replace human” programmes.

The Times of India reports that the highly automated factory previously required 650 people, though this was now 60, with three employees monitoring each line. The general manager for Chiangying Precision Technology Company told the People’s Daily the overall headcount would soon drop to 20.

According to the article, all processes were automated through things such as computer-driven robots, CNC machines, unmanned trucks and automated warehousing.

The Dongguan manufacturing hub, in the Pearl River Delta region (sometimes called the “world’s factory”) has a reported 1,000 – 1,500 “robot replace human” projects due to be completed by next year.

Recruitment is a major issue for firms in the region looking to expand, reports China Daily. A rapidly ageing population is also behind the city’s push to deploy industrial robots.