Chinese imported vehicles’ image has suffered, admits former Great Wall distributor


The former distributor of brand Great Wall has admitted that the vehicles’ history in Australia did significant damage to the local perception of Chinese-made cars.

Speaking to Car Advice at the recent launch of LDV’s G10 van in Australia, Ateco Automotive boss Neville Crichton said the new vehicle was “world apart” from Great Wall’s vehicles.

“There are issues with the perception of Chinese vehicles and I think our predecessors did a lot of damage, and its more perception in the market [rather than in reality],” Crichton told Car Advice.

“These [LDV] guys are the biggest manufacturers in China. They’ve learnt, quality-wise, from VW and GM – they know how to build a car.”

Great Wall’s difficulties included a recall of its turbodiesel V200 utes in 2014 over the positioning of a bracket in a wiring bay, and the detection of asbestos-lined gaskets in 2012.

The brand is now distributed locally by Haval.

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