China stretches lead over USA in manufacturing output

China went past the United States as the world’s biggest manufacturer in 2010, with recently-updated UN research showing that the distance has continued to grow since then.

Industry Market Trends reports that China’s production was $2.9 trillion for the last recorded year, with the US’s at $2.43 trillion, according to the United Nation’s National Accounts Main Aggregates Database.

According to think tank The American Enterprise Institute, “In 2011, China’s manufacturing output surged by 23 percent while manufacturing output in the U.S. only increased by 2.8 percent,”

“That brought China’s manufacturing output last year to more than $2.9 trillion, which was almost half a trillion dollars (and 20 percent) more manufacturing output than the $2.43 trillion of manufacturing output that was produced in the U.S. last year.”

China’s official PMI was 50.1 for the last month, slightly down on January’s 50.4, but still its fifth straight month of growth. Any result above 50 on the index represents expansion. Australia’s manufacturing sector, in comparison, recorded a score of 45.6 in the Australian Industry Group’s Performance of Manufacturing Index, the 12th straight month of contraction.

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