China set to unveil new manufacturing plan

The Chinese Government is set to unveil a plan that it hopes will see the nation become world’s largest manufacturer by 2025.

As the Hong Kong Economic journal reports, the plan will involve several initiatives including the “Made in China 2025” strategy. This will see the world’s most populous nation overtake countries like Germany, Japan, and the US to become the largest manufacturer in the world.

The plan is part of Beijing’s desire to move the economy from lower-end manufacturing towards higher value added and more innovative production.

It will outline 10 sectors that need to be developed, including the next generation of IT production; cutting edge CNC machines and robotics and bio-tech and pharmaceutical.

In addition the plan will lay out nine tasks, and five key projects.

The nine tasks will be improving the national innovation capability of the manufacturing industry; advancing the deep integration of informatization and industrialization; strengthening industrial foundations; ensuring quality and building up brands; promoting green manufacturing; making breakthroughs in key sectors; pushing forward the restructuring of the manufacturing industry; developing service-oriented manufacturing and producer services; and propelling the internationalization of China’s manufacturing industry.

And the five key projects to be announced will be the construction of innovation centres, intelligent transformation, industrial foundation improvement, green manufacturing and high-end equipment innovation.

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