CHEP launches national Logistics Control Centre, improves service delivery

Yesterday global Group President of CHEP Pallets, Peter Mackie, officially launched CHEP Australia’s national Logistics Control Centre at Erskine Park, NSW.

Peter Mackie (pictured left) said: “Using our data, network knowledge and logistics management expertise, the CHEP Australia team has designed a sophisticated logistics management system that will improve the level of service we provide our customers.”

The new system uses detailed real-time information from multiple sources, including video feeds from CHEP yards and live network data, to predict up to three hours in advance whether a delivery of CHEP equipment will be impacted by events in the network. The new control centre not only provides a greater level of network visibility, it features mechanisms to help manage issues as they arise.

If a delivery is impacted by issues such as traffic congestion, the system triggers an alert which assists the team in proactively managing the situation. In the event of a delay, the team is significantly better enabled to quickly contact customers with a new expected delivery time.

President of CHEP Australia & New Zealand, Phillip Austin (pictured right) said: “The unique thing about CHEP Logistics is that we only carry pooled equipment. We devote our resources and expertise in network planning, efficiency and safety to ensuring CHEP equipment is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

“The Logistics Control Centre enables us to offer the personal service of a smaller operator with the benefits of larger logistics provider such as scale and network capacity, with the potential for enhanced Chain of Responsibility compliance. We believe this will not only improve the service to our existing customers, but also encourage others to consider using CHEP Logistics for their pooled equipment movements.”

To see the Logistics Control Centre in action, click here:

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