Change to shift work divides Holden workers

Holden has made controversial new changes to the shift policy at its assembly plant in Adelaide, with some workers considering strike action over the new plan.

In a statement Holden executive director of manufacturing Richard Philips said assembly workers would still rotate between jobs each shift, but the tasks performed by each employee would fall.

“What we have done is reduce the number of jobs, or operations, employees are expected to remember over the course of a shift,” he said.

“Employees will now perform two jobs versus the current six jobs.”

Philips said the new rules would be rolled out at the Elizabeth plant over the coming weeks following the launch of the new VF Commodore range.

While the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union consented to the changes, some employees say the rules will lead to more repetitive work.

“Despite the high probability that workers will be injured due to repetitive strain injuries, the AMWU have agreed to this change and will not be pursuing to appeal on behalf of it members, which pay the AMWU to stand up for their rights,” one worker told Adelaide Now.

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