Chain manufacturer links with customers through quality

In a market where competing with hundreds is more of a reality than competing with one, manufacturers need a point of difference. For KITO PWB, this point of difference is clear – quality is the key to its success in the Australian market. KITO PWB distributor, Crane Control, chooses the chain and hoist manufacturer over other companies because it creates products that last. Crane Control service manager, Cameron Clark, said KITO PWB has one of the best quality products in the market.

“It’s reliable, which is a main factor, compared to other brands in the market. We don’t want anything else,” said Clark. Crane Control, which operates mainly in Victoria, is a distributor of KITO PWB chains and hoists, which vary from manual to electric applications.

Crane Control has a company policy that ensures qualified trades people have a minimum five years’ experience in their field. Having these values means Crane Control also looks for that in the companies it works with, including KITO PWB. “We’ve always found them very helpful. There’s always staff with a good understanding to talk to,” said Clark.

To ensure all customers’ needs are met, KITO PWB offers tailor made hoists and chains. The company’s team of skilled engineers, assemblers and electricians spend most of their working days crafting unique power hoists for lifting solutions to meet clients’ individual specifications.

The company explained that more than 65 per cent of power hoists sold require input from its engineering teams and technical specialists. Of KITO PWB’s power hoists, 90 per cent are unique by model variation, with the company’s teams completing an average of six unique lifting solutions every day.

KITO PWB offers a full range of high performance hoists and associated lifting equipment products including:

• ER2 electric 3-phase hoists and trolleys – available in models up to 20T,

• EQ electric single-phase hoist and trolleys,

• EFSHL electric single phase hoists,

• ED compact electric single phase hoists,

• M3 manual chain blocks, L5 lever blocks and trolleys,

• Endo pneumatic hoists and trolleys.

Similarly, if businesses are looking for custom tailored chains, KITO PWB is able to supply these. Whether a customer needs a 3mm chain, right through to a 32mm, all specifications can be met.

KITO PWB chain products include:

• Herc alloy grade 80 lifting chains,

• Sling chains that comply with Australian Standards and are used for industrial lifting,

• Grade 100 lifting chains,

• Calibrated chains that are fitted to devices such as hoists and chain blocks. It also includes calibrated hand chains used to operate manual lifting applications such as chain blocks, geared trolleys and roller doors,

• Proof coil chains or general-purpose chains, which are made in a variety of link sizes and in two link formations – regular and long,

• Grade L marine, anchoring and fathom chains.