Employer: Metal Science Technologies Position: Production Manager

Employer: Metal Science Technologies

Position: Production Manager

Metal Science Technologies is an innovator in the surface finishing and electrochemical stainless steel surface/weld treatment machinery market.

The company manufactures and sells only the mepBLITz stainless steel post weld finishing mobile electro polisher but has several products in at prototype stage for development in 2009.

Since beginning as a trainee at Metal Science Technologies in 2007, Cerys Hawkins has made significant improvements to the production and marketing side of the business.

Some of these contributions include: reduction of machine production time by 20% by improving work flow and assembly systems; development of a parts management system for the over 200 parts to reduce inventory and out of stock items; reduction of inventory of parts by an average of 10% (some parts over 50%) and reduced cost by 25% through developing better buying procedures; improved modification of product design to reduce product misuse and machine failure;

Cerys is also responsible for providing customer support and information in relation to the company’s new mepBLITz technology and operating process and he was also created and set up an online parts buying system that saves MST up to 50% on electrical parts.