Ceramic insert grade for high-speed grooving operations

Seco’s whisker-reinforced CW100 ceramic insert grade for high-speed
grooving adds to its range of products that optimise wear resistance and
toughness in the machining of challenging materials, including Inconel 718, Waspaloy
and other heat-resistant super alloys (HRSA).

CW100 is an aluminium oxide-based insert with silicon
carbide whiskers (Al2O3-SiCw). When dispersed into a matrix of fine-grained
aluminium oxide, these extremely strong whiskers act as reinforcement, adding tensile
strength and improving the fracture toughness of the brittle matrix.

An Al2O3-SiCw composition, typically made up of 25 to 50
percent whiskers, is the toughest, most thermal shock resistant of all the
aluminium oxide-based ceramic materials for inserts. As a result, the CW100
offers superior wear, fracture and notch resistance as well as high hardness at
elevated temperatures when machining tough materials at extremely high speeds.
CW100 excels in wet or dry applications, but Seco recommends the use of
concentration-level flood coolant for wet machining.

CW100 comes in the form of solid inserts. It is available on
four insert geometries with widths of 3.175 mm, 6.35 mm and 7.925 mm.
Furthermore, the high honed edge quality of CW100 inserts allows users to
achieve superior surface finish on a wide variety of components, including
casings, shafts, discs and rings for aerospace and power generation.

CW100 is part of the Secomax ceramics lineup, which also
includes the CS100 sialon-type grade for ISO turning inserts.

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