Caterpillar workers on strike, demanding their share of profits from the mining boom

Workers at Hastings Deering manufacturing facilities in Queensland and the Northern Territory are reportedly striking for 48 hours over a pay dispute.

Hastings Deering sells and services Caterpillars and other mine haulage vehicles.

According to a report from The Chronicle, the workers had previously accepted reduced pay increases during the GFC, however they were demanding higher increases now because the mining industry is performing so well.

"These workers are now simply standing up for a share of the booming services sector working with the resources industry," said AMWU assistant state secretary, Rohan Webb, quoted by The Chronicle.

"These tradespeople have the skills to go and work directly in the mining industry, but they are choosing to work in and support their local communities." 

This strike is the latest in a stream of pay disputes gaining union support in industries that are performing far better in 2011 than during the GFC.

The AMWU supports workers demanding a slice of the benefits.

Just over a week ago, Department of Defence workers were striking for a similar reason

During the past month, ongoing strikes have been staged at various Toyota manufacturing facilities over pay increase disputes.