Carbon tax repeal blocked in Senate

The federal government’s
first attempt to repeal the carbon tax, a major part of its election campaign
last year, has been blocked in the Senate.

The ABC and others report
that the Senate blocked the package of repeal laws 33 – 29 yesterday, with
Labor and the Greens voting together.

The laws included the
abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and introducing the Coalition’s
Direct Action plan.

is a $10 billion fund based on borrowed taxpayers’ money,” environment
minister Greg Hunt said of the CEFC, according to the ABC.

an extraordinary borrowing against the will of the Australian people who voted
to change the government.

part of the repeal of the carbon tax package and we’ll just keep going until
it’s done.”

carbon tax was introduced in mid-2012 and has been unpopular with the
manufacturing industry. Lobby group Manufacturing Australia was formed the
previous year to oppose the tax.

opposition supports a move from the carbon tax to an Emissions Trading System,
though this has the support of neither to Coalition or the Greens.

“Labor has been upfront
about our intentions since before the 2013 election – we will repeal the carbon
tax if there is a credible plan to address climate change,” said Labor’s Mark Butler, according to Fairfax.

“Along with the rest of the world, Labor knows the best
alternative is an ETS.

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