Carbon Reduction Institute appointments new advisor

The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) has announced the appointment of Global Sustainability Strategist and Professor of Sustainable Business Development, Dr. Martin A. Blake, as Strategic Advisor to the Board of Directors.

CRI engages with organisations of all sizes around the world, cost-effectively enabling them to manage and measure their carbon footprint through the NoCO2 Program encompassing technology solutions to reduce energy consumption.

Blake will advise CRI's team of carbon accounting experts, engineers and communications specialists all working to provide companies with fast, easy and effective ways to tackle climate change and add value to their business.

Blake is the owner of Singapore-based Blake Advisory and founder of Blue Australasia in Australia. He holds a working portfolio of board directorships, advisory roles and keynote speaking engagements encompassing Asia, Australia, Canada, the USA and Europe.

He also chairs and advises a multitude of strategic groups, all focused on the development and deployment of energy efficient infrastructure.

"With Martin on board, CRI will be able to implement new reduction strategies, increasing our annual CO2 reduction goal, propagate our services internationally and set up an advisory board to examine other ways that show our customers that action is not only a must but is also good for business,” said Rob Cawthorne, CEO of CRI.

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