Carbon fibre demand could see 300 hired in Geelong

Revolution, a maker of carbon fibre wheels and the first winner named in a
program aimed at helping Geelong’s manufacturers adapt, has said as many as 300
jobs might be created at the company as it grows.

as reported by Manufacturers’ Monthly, CR was named as a first-round
beneficiary of the Geelong Region Innovation and Investment Fund, being awarded
a $5 million grant.

fund is supported by Ford Australia and the federal and Victorian governments.

A proposed 108 jobs would initially be created, according to Carbon Revolution,
but yesterday CEO Jake Dingle put the figure possibly as high as 300 staff once demand
increased and industries other than automotive began to seek CR’s wares.

“While we certainly have our
hands full with the automotive sector, the strong demand for this technology
that’s now staring to emerge from the aerospace industry, and the industrial
industries, will be a very important strategic opportunity for us in the
future,” he told the ABC.

“It’s not just wheels for cars, it’s wheels for aircraft,
wheels for trucks, there’s a lot of wheels in the world, so we won’t stop just
at the automotive industry.”

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