Car industry envoys announced

Two automotive industry envoys have been appointed to act as ambassadors for the Australian automotive industry.

Two automotive industry envoys have been appointed to act as ambassadors for the Australian automotive industry.

Industry minister, Senator Kim Carr, has announced John Conomos and Steve Bracks have been appointed as envoys for the Australian automotive industry under the Automotive Market Access Program (AMAP), which forms part of the Government’s $6.2 billion New Car Plan for a Greener Future.

“The envoys will play a key role in assisting the Australian automotive industry, particularly component suppliers, to access global supply chains in critical regions, including Asia, Europe and the US,” Senator Carr said.

“My recent visit to China has made it clear that there are real opportunities for Australian industry in integrating into growing global markets, especially in the Asia-Pacific. Mr Conomos and Mr Bracks are ideally placed to lift our efforts in securing new business and jobs for Australian workers.

“The envoys will carry out a range of tasks, including making representations to facilitate Australian automotive access in global supply chains and leading Australian trade missions overseas. They will also provide advice to Australian industry and to the Government about automotive market opportunities and approaches to accessing global supply chains.

“Both Mr Conomos and Mr Bracks have extensive experience within the Australian and international automotive industries. The depth and breadth of their knowledge and expertise will be extremely valuable in helping the Australian automotive industry access overseas markets.

“The AMAP and the Automotive Envoy initiative reflect the Rudd Government’s strongly held view that car-making is a global business and that the Australian automotive industry must cement its place in international automotive markets.

“This will mean winning more overseas business whilst continuing to improve its links with international supply chains,” Senator Carr said.

Conomos retired in June 2008 as Chairman Emeritus and Principal Policy Officer of Toyota Australia, and President of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. He previously served as Executive Chairman of Toyota Australia, and was awarded an Order of Australia in 2005 for his contribution to the Australian automotive industry.

Bracks served as Premier of Victoria prior to his retirement from the Victorian Government in 2007. He has extensive experience and links with business at home and abroad. He was responsible for the 2008 Review of the Australian Automotive Industry which led to the Government’s New Car Plan for a Greener Future, which has played a central role in insulating the Australian industry from the worst of the global recession.