Car industry collapse would take 50,000 jobs with it: Government

The Labor government has released figures that show that, if the car manufacturing industry folds, about 50,000 jobs will be lost across the country.

According to Adelaide Now, the data shows that, if Holden and Toyota follow the lead of Ford and stop manufacturing, not only those factory workers in South Australia and Victoria will be affected.

According to the data, there are 7,000 people employed in automotive parts manufacturing in Queensland, as well as 6,500 in NSW, and 5,300 in South Australia.

And in Victoria 28,000 workers are employed at parts and service providers to Toyota, Holden and Ford.

Throughout its term in government, the Labor Party has defended the $5.4 billion in assistance the car industry has received. This is the first time it has released detailed car industry jobs data by electorate.

The future of the car industry has played a major role in the election campaign, with the government claiming that the Coalition would ‘kill the car industry’ if elected.

The government has pledged to give the automotive manufacturing industry an extra $500 million from 2016 to 2020. And on top of that, hundreds of millions more in assistance will be provided over the subsequent decade.

However, as the government attempts to bolster the sector, the changes to the FBT laws are claimed by some in the industry to be having the opposite effect and damaging the industry.