Calls for gas reservation to keep manufacturers powered up

Nationals MP Andrew Broad, has said Australia need a gas reservation policy to secure domestic supply, according to the Guardian.

Broad said that 15 per cent of Australia’s gas should be reserved for Australian manufacturing and cited Western Australia’s reservation policy as a good model.

The MP’s comments come as Australian Workers Union (AWU) national secretary, Daniel Walton, said that a reservation policy was a no-brainer.

“Cheap gas has traditionally fuelled Australia’s energy competitiveness and powered downstream manufacturing for decades,” Walton said. 

“Going forward it should be providing abundant and cost-effective carbon reductions as Australia moves to a cleaner energy future.”

Federal environment and energy minister Josh Frydenberg said that a gas policy that it would be better for state governments to loosen restrictions on coal seam gas exploration. 

Gas prices increased substantially in the past few years, going from $3-$4 a gigajoule to sometimes up to $20 a gigajoule.