Calls for door escape mechanism as woman trapped in car

There have been calls for auto manufacturers to include door release mechanisms in cars following a claim by a woman that she became trapped in her hot car in Noosa last Saturday.

According to the SMH, Amanda Stevens was locked in her keyless-entry Audi Q3 as the temperature outside hit 41°C.

She spent about 12 minutes in that position, began to panic and later claimed that claimed that she potentially could have died.

“I was a wreck. I nearly died,” she told the SMH.

“I was really lucky that I didn’t have a baby or any children in the car.”

Luckily, a passer-by heard her screams and was able to open the door and free her from the vehicle.

According to an Audi spokeswoman Anna Burgdorf, Audi will examine the car to try to work out what happened. She said there was no problem with the locking mechanism on the Q3.

However, Stevens has not driven her car since the incident.

According to NRMA Motoring and Services operations manager Tim Moggridge, over 2000 become trapped in cars each year in NSW. He said that generally they are children and added that he had heard of similar instances to the Noosa example.