Calls to fix apprenticeship system on life support

Industry groups in Australia have called on the Australian government to urgently inject funds into the Australian apprenticeship system that is facing considerable structural problems, according to the West Australian

As reported by the West Australian, the Australian Industry Group and other leading business groups claim that the number of apprenticeships has halved between 2012 and 2016.

The groups are calling for the Australian government to organise a new National Partnership Agreement and commit A$1.75 billion to boosting apprentice numbers. 

They also want the federal government to create a national system of apprenticeships and align apprenticeship funding and places across Australia.

Ai Group head Innes Willox said that the apprenticeship system should meet new industry demands. 

“We want our apprenticeships system to be ready for new and emerging industries and jobs. It’s important that the system works well in serving current labour market demands, in order for it to be flexible in meeting the demands of new industries and to be able to provide for high-level apprenticeships,” Willox said.