Cabbies complain of Holden Caprice power steering problems

A group of taxi drivers claims there are potential problems with the power steering assistance in Holden Caprices.

The ABC reports that some drivers have complained as many as 500 cars are affected, with one – who claims that problem affected 50 of his friends in a 100-car group – telling AMthat he’s had 25 such failures while driving.

It involves a loss of electric power steering assistance.

“They’re just saying that it’s a loose connection,” Daljeet Singh said, adding that he felt freeway driving was like a “suicide mission”.

Holden said that it had proactively contacted customers after in issue was identified in 2014, offering to have cars that may potentially carry the fault inspected.

“Out of the 60,000 or so cars we looked at, less than 100 presented with this issue so it should have been fixed under warranty then at the time and if it isn’t now, then there must have been a miscommunication because Holden will absolutely make good for those customers that have presented with this issue even if it’s outside of warranty,” he told AM.

Failures in power steering for Caprices exported to Illinois and sold as Chevrolets saw a recall of 6,280 police vehicles. These were biolt between 2014 and March 11 this year.

Practical Motoring reported in March that this was due to dielectric grease on the torque sensor harness did not do its job under conditions experienced by police cars.

“…[T]hese vehicles may experience loss of electric power steering (EPS) assistance while driving or idling as a result of fretting corrosion on the connector between the EPS module and the torque sensor,” Holden explained at the time.