Byron Group announces new “smart ambulance”

Specialty vehicle manufacturer Byron Group has announced a new “Smart Ambulance”, the result of a partnership with emergency care solutions company Ferno.

The new ambulances will include Ferno’s Integrated Patient Transport System (IPTS) and Acetech vehicle intelligence systems, making treatment of patients in transit safer and improving patient care, according to a statement.

“These revolutionary features will allow communication and data about the patient and the ambulance’s position to be shared with the emergency departments of hospitals in real time, like never before,” said Leigh O’Brien, chief commercial officer at Byron Group.

“For patients, seconds count. Information is critical. This technology will save valuable minutes in information flow to hospitals about what is happening in the back of an ambulance”.  

The combined effort will create a world-first in ambulances. Ferno said the project involved five years of R&D and worldwide consultation with emergency service providers.

“By combining our efforts, we are reaffirming our passion for innovation and setting new standards,” said Scott West, director of Ferno Australia.

As part of the partnership, Ferno Australia will acquire Byron Group’s DHS product division next year.

Byron opened a new integrated manufacturing plant at Smithfield, NSW last year. It provides ambulances for NSW and exports to numerous countries.

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