Bus manufacturer opens training centre

As part of its bus supply contract, Precision Buses will create an Apprenticeship Academy to build a local, automotive workforce trained in current manufacturing techniques.

Precision Buses will be part of the Scania Australia consortium to supply 240 buses for ten years to operate on the Metropolitan Adelaide Bus Network.

To deliver the contract, Precision Buses will employ 95 people to produce buses in South Australia.

“Precision buses have been supplying the Adelaide Metro bus fleet for almost two years and will now continue to do so for up to the next 10 years,” said SA Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government, Stephan Knoll.

The ongoing benefits of having the buses made locally will be realised in the training done as part of the contract, which this Apprenticeship Academy will deliver.

“This new bus supply contract will underpin manufacturing jobs at this facility for years to come and help train the new generation of automotive manufacturing workers,” said Knoll.

According to Minister for Innovation and Skills, David Pisoni, the connection between the Academy and the contract will allow for training that draws upon the practical experience of being part of an automotive manufacturing plant.

“Precision’s investment in their apprenticeship academy will provide quality on the job training over the life of this contract, which will be a real boost for manufacturing jobs in the northern suburbs,” said Pisoni.

Part of the bus contract will involve the manufacture of a hybrid bus by 2020, with a full evaluation hybrid to be delivered in 2021. Buses will also be compliant with disability legislation, include security screens, duress alarms, CCTV, and fire suppression systems.

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