Bundaberg plasterboard plant to go ahead, create ’70-100 jobs’

Gladstone Ports Corporation has approved construction on a new, $70 million Knauf Plasterboard factory at Bundaberg Port.

The Gladstone Observer reports that construction will be underway by the end of 2015. According to Jason Pascoe, Port of Bundaberg’s manager, building would finish by January 2017 and the plant would employ between 70 and 100 people directly.

"For Port of Bundaberg, which has traditionally been a sugar and molasses port, it just means that we have a variety of different products which are likely to follow from the unloading of gypsum," Pascoe told the ABC.

"So there's the possibility of unloading fertiliser in the future and it also, I guess, tells the world that we're just not a sugar port and I think that's important for the future of the port.”

Knauf Plasterboard is a subsidiary of the German Knauf Group. It currently manufactures at two sites in Australia, at Altona (Victoria) and Matraville (NSW).


Image: http://www.dothealth.com/