Builders consider 3D printed houses

The effort by a Chinese company to 3D print
ten basic-looking houses in 24 hours is being considered by those in the
building industry.

The Australian Financial Review reports
that David Parken, chief executive at the Institute of Architects, has said the
technology is in its very early stages, but if it is ignored “we could be surprised in the wrong way”.

As reported on this website and elsewhere
earlier in April, WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co was able to create 10
houses in less than a day, using recycled construction material as “ink” for
its 32 x 10 x 6.6-metre printers.

Each “house” was assembled after its walls
were printed.

Another company, DUS of Amsterdam, is also
making a high-profile attempt to apply 3D printing to architecture.

Melbourne-based builder Venise Reilly said
that the sophisticated market might not yet be satisfied by WinSun’s rapidly
made houses. She believed that such innovations could force those in the
industry to focus on high-end skills and construction that could not be

Image: Xinhua