Brushless DC motors

Portescap has released the N Series slotted brushless DC motors.

Portescap introduces the N Series Slotted Brushless DC Motors. These motors are available in size 5, 6, 9 and 11 ideally suited for medical and electronic assembly applications where high speed is key, and in sizes 12, 14 and 15 for industrial applications where high torque is required.

N Series motors run at operating speeds up to 100,000 rpm to provide more power with less heat in a smaller package than comparable motors. As an example, the operating temperature of a 0.9″ (22mm) 50,000 rpm running motor has been reduced by 25ºC over previous models. Maximum efficiency of up to 80% facilitates longer battery life for portable medical and industrial hand tool applications. It also reduces energy consumption in applications such as electronic assembly and textile where equipment may be running hundreds of motors. Additionally, a unique internal design minimizes torque ripple for extremely smooth operation throughout the motor’s operating range.

Available options include autoclavability features, a high-count encoder, resolver, custom shafts, shaft seals and high temperature ratings.

Portescap also offres a full range of gearheads for the N series Brushless DC motors

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