Britain needs to stick with EU, says manufacturing leader

Britain needs to remain with the EU and push for reform
within, according to the leader of a UK manufacturers’ trade body.

The Guardian reports that the head of EEF said that leaving
the EU would result in the loss of billions of pounds worth of trade as well as
millions of jobs for the UK.

“I think there is clearly a big issue of getting those
messages out. There is real evidence to suggest that if we came out of the EU
there would be a reduction in investment, there would be an impact on jobs so
it would be better for us to stay and push for reform from within,” Mr Scuoler told the Financial Times.

The comments followed Mr Scuoler’s appointment as Chairman
of European engineering industry group CEEMET which is made up of 23 national
manufacturing bodies and represents 35 million employees across Europe.

“Manufacturing is critical to the future of the European
economy, providing the economic growth and high skill jobs we urgently need.
But, we cannot go on doing the same things over and over again and expect to
see a different result. The recent elections have sent an uncomfortable message
to European policymakers that must now be heeded as a matter of urgency,” Mr
Scuoler said.

“There is a growing consensus in favour of an industrial
renaissance and increased competitiveness across Europe. I hope to support and
contribute to future policies that will help deliver this vision.”

The EU is aiming to increase manufacturing’s contribution to
GDP from its current level of 15.1% to 20% by 2020.

Image: The Manufacturer