Bowen Basin pipeline study investigates improved gas supply

Bowen Basin

The initial concept phase of the $5 million Bowen Basin pipeline study is underway in Queensland, investigating potential pipeline and infrastructure to improve the delivery of gas to domestic and export markets. 

“The resources industry is a key part of Queensland’s economy and will continue to be an essential part of delivering Queensland’s plan for economic recovery from COVID-19,” Resources minister Scott Stewart said. 

“Gas is a major energy source for Queensland’s manufacturing sector and we are always looking at ways to bring more of it to market. Additional gas infrastructure will provide new sources of supply, leading to more affordable gas and supporting jobs across our critical supply chain and industries. 

“Just like we opened up the Surat Basin 10 years ago, the Bowen Basin has the potential to be a source of future gas projects and jobs for Queenslanders,” he said. 

KPMG, in partnership with GHD and Netherland, Sewell & Associates Inc, has been contracted to deliver the concept study. The study is expected to take six months, with final recommendations to be made by the end of the year. 

The study will also analyse the potential amount of gas and sources of fugitive emissions in the area and determine the feasibility and best pathway for the infrastructure to achieve multiple benefits, according to Stewart. 

“This study will look at ways in which we can better capture fugitive emissions from the coal mines of the Bowen Basin and put them to use for things like power generation and manufacturing,” Stewart said. 

“This will not only bring additional gas to market but will also make a valuable contribution to Queensland’s transition to a low carbon economy. 

“The premier asked the federal government to co-contribute to this important body of work and I acknowledge the $5M commitment to this in their 2021/2022 budget,” he said. 

“We will work closely together to ensure these additional opportunities are maximised.” 

The potential pipeline means there could be opportunities for local businesses to gain work and create jobs, according to member for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert. 

“The resources industry is a key part of Mackay’s economy,” Gilbert said. 

“Our traditional strength is in resources, and this key initiative of Queensland’s Economic Recovery Plan will strengthen regional Queensland’s recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It is just another example of our commitment to supporting new economic activity in our regions.” 

Queensland continues to do the heavy lifting on gas supply and policy, Stewart said. 

“Since 2015 the Queensland government has released more than 80,000 square kilometres of land for gas exploration, over a quarter of it guaranteeing the gas will be for Australian consumers,” he said. 

“It was a ground-breaking move and a national first when we released land nearly three years ago exclusively for gas for the domestic market.” 

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