Boutique beers increases productions, defies slump

Micro-breweries have defied slump despite beer consumption dropping nationally, the ABC news reports.

The beer consumption has hit a 50-year low last year, yet dozens of micro-breweries have been entering the industry to produce craft beer.

Due to higher quality, craft beer has been gaining popularity over the mass produced beer.

This has resulted in increased production of craft beers. 

According to brewer Will Tatchell, his production has increased from less than 30,000 litres to more than 100,000.

Tatchell stated that craft beer is the only sector of positive growth in the beer making industry.

"More and more micros are popping up, and they're getting bigger and bigger all the time as well," said supplier Sandy Ross.

The figure of craft beer consumption in Australia has been on a rise, and is currently about one to two per cent.

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