Bosch Australia partners with Food Agility CRC

Bosch Australia has announced it is the lead technology partner of the Australian government’s new Food Agility Co-operative Research Centre (CRC).

The Food Agility CRC will aim to create a whole of value chain approach for fresh and processed food.

Food Agility CRC chief executive Mike Briers said that global food production needs to double by 2050 to meet future demand.

“The opportunity that presents to the Australian food industry is enormous,” Briers said.

Bosch Australia said it is making significant investments in agriculture and food automation oriented business in Australia and Oceania. Bosch recently invested in‘The Yield’, an early stage Internet of Things (IoT) company developing agriculture and aquaculture micro-climate sensing technology.

“There’s no better place than Australia to develop digital and automation solutions in food technology” Bosch president with responsibility for the region Oceania Gavin Smith said.