Booming Tasmanian whisky industry gains critical acclaim

Tasmania’s whisky producers have been gaining worldwide attention, with three distilleries being listed in the 2013 World Whiskey Bible and significant growth reported.

ABC’s Landline reports that Sullivan’s Cove, Tasmania Distillery and Nant Distillery all achieved recognition in critic Jim Murray’s prestigious Bible, with the critic writing "I now have no option but to start thumbing through an atlas and flight timetable and get over there pronto," of Australia’s southernmost state.

Tasmania’s whisky industry only goes back as far as 1992, beginning with Bill Lark’s Lark Distillery.

"I had absolutely no idea it'd end up like this," Lark told the ABC.

"The scotch malt whisky industry is centuries-old and to think that we could achieve the sort of recognition that we have in the world of whisky, in just 20 years, is really quite staggering."

The ninth registered distillery in Tasmania, Redlands Estate, opened in May.

Nant at Boothwell has seen production go from 300 bottles in 2010 to an expected 20,000 this year, with output expected to reach 200,000 in 2016.

Owner Keith Batt said the potential for growth from sales to Asia was huge.

"Growth in single malt whisky around the world is about 18 per cent per annum and when you think about the Chinese market, where 20 million Chinese are coming of drinking age every year, it's a huge market," he said.


Note:  The spelling of the distilled beverage is spelled in two different ways, for example “Whisky” in Australia and Europe and “Whiskey” in the United States.


Image: Wikipedia