Boeing to invest further $70m at Port Melbourne

Boeing has re-committed to its Port Melbourne operations, its largest R&D site outside of the US, with a $70 million investment in the site.

Fairfax reports that the company has invested around $300 million at the site since the beginning of the millennium, and manufactures wingflaps for the 787 Dreamliner and 777 planes there. Roughly 1,200 are employed at the Port Melbourne site.

These are then exported and installed at Seattle. Currently, 10 sets of wingflaps are produced per month, with this number to increase to 14 by 2020.

"Personally, having been here for 27 years, it's reassuring to know that I will be retiring here," Mick Sorrenson, supply chain management and operations director at Boeing Aerostructures Australia told Fairfax.

Boeing has a long history with Australia, where it maintains its largest R&D presence outside of its home country. It has partnered with the CSIRO, which was its Supplier of The Year in 2011, for 27 years.



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