Boeing 787 Dreamliner overcomes safety issue


Boeing Co has recommenced deliveries of its 787 Dreamliner jet. This follows news that its battery system has been redesigned.

Reuters reports that the 787 was grounded for four months because of two incidents in January involving the aircraft’s battery system.

In one case, the battery of a parked Japan Airlines plane in Boston caught fire. And in the second incident, another battery overheated on an All Nippon flight in Japan, prompting an emergency landing and evacuation.

According to analysts, the cost of the grounding may be around $600 million. At this point, Boeing has not provided a cost estimate, however the airline still managed to post a profit in the first quarter despite the problem.

Boeing said that its original delivery target of 60 of the 787s for this year should be met. It continued to manufacture the aircraft during the grounding and 25 are parked outside its factories, ready to be delivered.

The battery redesign includes a steel enclosure and other safeguards which are intended to prevent fire.

It is not unusual for new model aircraft to experience problems such as this. The 787 has had other problems, such as fuel line leaks, brake problems and a cracked cockpit windscreen.

The fires which were caused by the battery problem are currently being investigated by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board. There were hearings in April and it is expected that there will be recommendations to the FAA that could alter certification procedures for aircraft.

Boeing recently revealed plans to cut international workforce by up to 1,700.

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