Blackmores growth causing noise issues, say Warriewood neighbours

Residents near the Blackmores Warriewood factory have complained that the thriving 24-hour-a-day operation is causing headaches.

Fairfax reports that over 370 staff are employed at the 25,000 square metre campus, which is running around the clock to meet surging demand for its supplements.

“At night at one or two o’clock, the noises of pallets being dropped make it pretty hard,” Philip Walker, a retired builder who lives about 200 metres from the site, told Fairfax.

According to Walker, the company is going against a decade-old campus noise management plan, and half a dozen nearby residents are frustrated.

“It’s fine for them to be up all night and making money, but we’d like some sleep,” he added.

The chief operating officer of Blackmores said the company strived to comply with the regulations from Pittwater Council, though understood the neighbours’ frustrations.

Blackmores announced recently that net profits grew 145 per cent to $76 million for the first nine months of the financial year.

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