Biodegradable lubricant

A new lubricant for rotary screw air compressors not only promises new standards of biodegradability but also enables compressors to maintain peak performance across the full range of operating temperatures for much longer periods.

BIOPAG CL 46 lubricant is 96% biodegradable. What’s more, within 28 days of it being disposed of, there are almost no traces of it in the condensate.
Tests have shown that, unlike petroleum based fluids, traces of the lubricant which end up in compressor condensate in waste water sewage systems are broken down and transformed into carbon dioxide, nitrogen, mineral salts and water, none of which is harmful to nature.
This “green” feature introduces a whole new dynamic to the compressor industry because now it is no longer necessary to have oil/water separators on equipment. The lubricating fluid can be removed along with the water.
The name itself comes from its ultra-high biodegradable qualities (BIO); the unique 10W20 polyalkylene glycol and polyol ester based formulation (PAG); the fact that it is a lubricant designed specifically for rotary screw air compressors (CL); and its viscosity rating (46).
According to the company, the fully synthetic blend enables compressors to maintain peak performance across the full range of operating temperatures for much longer periods. It also allows service intervals to be extended to as much as 8000 hours.
Apart from the environmental advantages, the lubricant is intended to contribute to improved reliability, performance, equipment life span and safety. Unlike conventional hydrocarbon oils it is non-varnishing and will not oxidate. It dissolves any varnish left behind by other lubricants.
The “green” formulation is resistant to sludging (unlike petroleum based products), is non foaming, has a high viscosity index (173) and a higher flash point (271°C) and ignition point (388°C) than hydrocarbon fluids.
The lubricant outperforms other synthetic fluids with excellent seal compatibility with natural rubber and synthetic seals. It offers strong thermal conductivity to keep compressors running cooler and corrosion protection.
James Williams from PremiAir Hire said the adoption of Anglomoil products has led to major improvements for his company.
“Premiair Hire has 13 depots located across Australia and a fleet with hundreds of compressors and since we began using Anglomoil not one service manager has rung through with a problem,” Williams commented.
“In my role to not hear a single comment in all this time is outstanding. The added bonus is that Anglomoil products are competitive on price.”
Quantum Compressors founder and director Chris McQuade made the change to Anglomoil compressor oils after experiencing a lot of costly mechanical issues caused by his previous supplier.
“With the other lubricants the compressors kept running hotter than normal. This created carbon build-up on the internals which in turn caused the operating temperatures to increase even higher and led to a number of break downs,” McQuade explained.
“We had to bring the compressors back to our workshop to have them stripped down and hydrostatically cleaned to remove all of the carbon deposits before rebuilding them.
“To put it quite simply since we changed to Anglomoil’s compressor oils we don’t have any more dramas.”
Anglomoil BIOPAG CL 46 is avail­able in 20 litre and 200 litre containers through the nationwide Anglomoil distribution network.

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