BHP boss labels Australian power policies as ‘job killers’

BHP Billiton boss Andrew Mackenzie has been quoted by the Herald Sun saying that jobs and investment in Australia are at risk because of the nation’s failure to fix its broken power policies.

This comes on the back of the company’s Olympic Dam mine losing power overnight for about four hours.

The BHP chief executive said, “Olympic Dam’s latest outage shows Australia’s investability and jobs are placed in peril by the failure of policy to both reduce emissions and secure affordable, dispatchable and uninterrupted power.”

“This is a wakeup call ahead of the COAG meeting and power supply and security must be top of the agenda and urgently addressed.”

This comes on the back of about 200,000 South Australians also experiencing power outages overnight after the state was separated from the Victorian network.

Approximately 220 megawatts were lost across SA, due to the need to balance the frequency of the network.

According to the Herald Sun report, a Victorian smelter was also disconnected from electricity supply as a result of this fault, with power being restored to the smelter at 4am.