Bega Cheese, Cochlear among 19 winners in $50 m of manufacturing grants

successful applicants for the first round of the Manufacturing Transition
Program were awarded nearly $50 million yesterday.

applicants come from a range of different industries, including food and
beverage, mining, aerospace and medical technologies, and receive up to 25 per
cent of costs to co-invest in new capital equipment and plant improvements.

There were $48,139,024 worth of of
funds allocated for projects worth $254,456,429, which supported “high-value” manufacturing.

A joint statement from industry minister Ian
Macfarlane and prime minister Tony Abbott yesterday said the grants were in
line with an election pledge to focus on “areas
of competitive strength

“Bega Cheese will be able to
invest in more sophisticated and knowledge-intensive manufacturing, creating
high value jobs in areas where the greatest economic opportunities exist,” said
Eden Monaro MP Peter Hendy, according to Bega
District News

Bega’s project involved
investment in new equipment to increase the production of lactoferrin from milk

Hearing implant maker Cochlear
will use its $3.25 million grant to “bring back manufacturing capability
on-shore for its next-generation hearing implants” through upgrades at
three sites.

Other successful applicants in the competitive
grants programme
included Ferra Engineering, Mulgowie Fresh, and Nissan
Casting Australia. There were 79 applicants.

To see the full list of recipients, click here.


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