Bass Metals continues strategy agreement for specialty carbon composite technology

Bass Metals has announced an agreement with leading advanced material researcher Swinburne University of Technology to develop Specialty Carbon Composites using Bass’ concentrates for the manufacture of various advanced materials using both expandable graphite and graphene.

Bass and Swinburne have signed a Master Research and Development Agreement to develop advanced materials using both Expandable Graphite and Graphene from Bass’ premium concentrates.

Bass Metals CEO Tim McManus said the technology under development is world-leading in its approach and its ambition.

“Importantly, the timing of this research and development complements the company’s growth in Mineral Resources and the encouraging progression of feasibility studies for large scale mining and processing of high-value graphite concentrates from Graphmada.

“We look forward to updating our highly valued shareholders as these advanced
materials projects progress.”

The company seeks to build upon the first project with further development of advanced material products and their uses in new technologies, such as high-end battery and electronic devices.

The key objective of the first collaboration is to create a patentable, environmentally friendly, advanced fireproof paneling product from purified expandable graphite and graphene, with a focus on mechanical strength and fire retardation.

Bass is uniquely placed to service the rapidly growing advanced materials sector having a demonstrated record of commercial production of clean, large flake concentrates; the two main constituent properties of Expandable Graphite and Graphene.

The first project under the agreement has commenced, with Swinburne receiving its first batch of graphite concentrates from the company’s operations in Madagascar, to commence purification optimisation and expandable graphite and graphene manufacturing.

The company aims to invest in further research and development activities with a focus on these high growth markets and more specifically the production of purified expandable graphite and graphene for specialty carbon composites.

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