Bangladesh lifts ban on factory collapse movie

Bangladesh’s Supreme Court has lifted a ban on the screening of a film based on the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory which killed more than 1,100 workers.

SBS reports that the film, itself titled ‘The Rana Plaza’, was due for release on September 4. However, the High Court placed six-month ban on it on the grounds of its graphic nature.

As AP reports, the film’s producer Shamima Akhter pointed out that the film had received approval by censors prior to the ban and that some scenes had been cut prior to that approval.

The film depicts the story of a real-life worker Reshma Begum who was trapped in the Rana Plaza when it collapsed in April 2013. She survived for 17 days, eating four packets of biscuits and drinking water that she had with her.

It also depicts her relationship with her boyfriend, whom she married after escaping the building, in the romantic Dhallywood style of Bangladeshi cinema.

Bangladesh’s garment industry accounts for nearly 82% of the country’s exports. Despite the harsh conditions and low wages endured by the industry’s mainly female workforce, the Bangladeshi Government sees it as an important path to economic development and is aiming to double its garment exports by 2021.

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