BAE Systems confirms $200m Nulka missile upgrade

BAE Systems Australia has confirmed a $200 million upgrade to the Nulka active missile decoy, a 20-year program that includes a new launch system and supporting technology.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited the company’s Henderson facility in Western Australia last Friday in support of the announcement.

It will also include installation of new launch systems on the Anzac frigates which are being upgraded at Henderson as part of the $2 billion, six-year Anzac Midlife Capability Assurance Program.

Nulka is the world’s most effective anti-ship missile defence. BAE Systems is responsible for the design, development and integration of the Nulka system on Royal Australian Navy ships.

Nulka uses technology developed in Australia that remains a unique national defence capability which has earned more than $1 billion in exports.

BAE Systems’ Australian supply chain will contribute more than 75 per cent of the engineering support and components to the Nulka launch system.

The company has Australia’s largest defence supply chain, spending around $360 million annually with 1,600 companies.

“Nulka’s unique capabilities are world leading and ensure Australia’s navy has the world’s most effective anti-ship missile defence available,” said BAE Systems CEO Glynn Phillips.

“We have over 25 years of experience in the development, integration, test, operation and support of autonomous systems, from platforms to decoys to guided weapons.

“It’s important that investment in bespoke Australian defence technologies continues to deliver increased capabilities that will benefit the nation.

“This project will pave the way for continued development of one of Australia’s most successful defence exports.”