AWU: PM’s taskforce report “50 Shades of Metallic Grey”

Paul Howes, the national secretary of the AWU, has written that the manufacturing industry is under strain but is worth saving, and that the Report of the Non-Government Members of the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce has several positive recommendations.

Howes, writing in his Sunday Telegraph column, acknowledges that the high Australian dollar, stagnant productivity levels, and weak domestic demand post-GFC have all hurt the industry. However, manufacturing is worth saving, for reasons including maintaining a diverse economy that can still prosper after the mining boom has finished.

The AWU boss cites the report’s recommendations on “saving the furniture” in the industry; investing in infrastructure; changing the way researchers deal with industry; assisting SMEs and bolstering productivity. He mentions that it may not be exciting to those outside of the manufacturing industry, but to those who are, it’s “50 Shades of Metallic Grey”.

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