Award for Diver Consolidated

Diver Consolidated Industries has won Ford Australia's 2008 “Tony Simpson Relationship Award”.

Diver Consolidated Industries has won Ford Australia’s 2008 “Tony Simpson Relationship Award”.

The 9th Ford Australia Supplier Excellence Awards ceremony was held at Ford’s Australian Head Office in Melbourne Monday 4th May.

In front of an audience of over 200 Ford personnel and supplier representatives DCI’s CEO Jim Griffin accepted the award on behalf of the company from Ford Australia’s VP of Purchasing, Sam Casabene.

“When it comes to the subject of relationships, in our view, a master relationship builder was the late Tony Simpson (former Ford Australia Purchasing Vice President),” said Casabene.

“He did it so well, and in a manner we should all aspire to. In 2005 we made the inaugural presentation of the Tony Simpson Relationship Award.

“This Award was designed to build on the memory of a great friend and colleague who did so much to build relationships.

“A passion the Ford Australia team endeavours to follow.

“Mutual respect and trust are two elements that are critical for a productive relationship. There is no greater example of the existence of these elements than with the respected partnership between Ford Australia and Diver Consolidated.

“The Diver team are committed to maintaining this relationship with all levels and functions within Ford by their transparency in commercial discussions, engineering development and attention to quality, delivery and product support.

“No greater example of these elements was the combined support in the interests of a successful Orion launch in 2008. The team at Diver exceeded our expectations despite a very challenging and drawn out launch period.

“We thank the team at Diver Consolidated Industries for their ongoing commitment to enhancing the relationship with Ford. Congratulations to Jim Griffin and the entire Diver team,” Casabene said.

This is the second recent award Ford has bestowed on DCI, leading on from last year’s Silver Excellence Award.

Diver Consolidated Industries (DCI) is a Melbourne based Australian owned metals manufacturing and engineering company with a long history of supplying components to the automotive industry, 03 9469 2700, .

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