Automotive union says Coalition support vital

Holden’s Elizabeth factory workers and the Federation of Vehicle Industry Unions (FVIU) met on Thursday to discuss the company’s response to the unions’ seven-point plan, and have again asked that the Coalition support the car industry. 

News Limited reports that the FVIU had heard from GM Holden’s managing director Mike Devereux, though would not discuss Devereux response to the union’s plan, released after Devereux’s request that workers take pay reductions to try and keep Holden viable.

The seven-point plan includes measures such as an independent expert review of Holden’s financials and the disclosure of executive salaries.

"The stewards have also resolved to call on the Coalition to recognise that imported cars are heavily subsidised and they must withdraw its threat to reduce the support for the car industry," the FVIU’s John Camillo told News Limited.

"The situation is that the company has indicated that if the workers are prepared to make changes, it still needs the support of the Coalition – without that, the workers can do whatever they want but without Coalition support, there's no future plan for Holden."

The Coalition has indicated that it will cut $500 million from assistance to the industry leading up to 2015 if it takes government, which polls suggest is the most outcome at the next election.

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