Automotive Innovation Hub to inspire next generation of tradespeople

The Automotive Innovation Hub has launched in South Australia.

A partnership between the Motor Trade Association of South Australia, along with Tradiebot Industries, the Hub will deliver Industry 4.0 automotive skills in training programs and provide a sandbox for the demonstration of R&D innovation in the service and repair sector.

The Hub will, in part, provide a forum for the practical use of virtual and augmented reality and 3D printing by industry, as well as a site for experimentation and awareness for local community groups, schools, and government organisations regarding trades in the automotive industry.

South Australian Minister for Innovation and Skills, David Pisoni, welcomed the announcement as an example of the application of the latest technology in trades.

“I commend the MTA and Tradiebot Industries for partnering on this initiative which demonstrates how important it is for vocational education and training to be up to date with the latest in modern technology,” said Pisoni.

The motor trades industry found it faced a national shortfall of 35,000 workers by mid 2018. Encouraging young people to take up a career in the industry is in part behind the push to showcase the technological advances being adopted by the industry.

“It’s critical that we continue to grow the number of apprentices and trainees in South Australia by working with industry to meet the skills needs of our state’s existing and emerging industries, so that we can boost our economy, build productive infrastructure, grow our exports, and create long-term career pathways,” said Pisoni.

Technologies developed by Tradiebot include a virtual reality spray painting simulator, augmented reality smart tools for live repair, mobile device-delivered service information, and 3D printed parts used to repair vehicles.

“This is a perfect partnership and location to launch such a venture and kick start the local automotive service, repair and digital manufacturing industry in SA,” said CEO of Tradiebot Industries, Mario Dimovski.

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