Auto components industry body winds up

The Federation of Automotive Parts Manufacturers has been voluntarily liquidated and merged with the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

The news appeared first in The New Daily earlier this week, with the near-six decades-old auto components sector representative considering its future about 12 months ago. Clients (Ford, Holden and Toyota) to its members will all end their local manufacturing operations by 2018.

It expects the auto companies to stick to their timetables, with Ford to end production in October next year and Holden and Toyota to do so in 2017.

That’s the reality and we have to deal with it,” chief executive of FAPM, Richard Reilly, told The New Daily.

Fairfax points out that the group had remained solvent, though its membership has nearly halved over the last decade as local automotive production has declined.

"We still had funds and we have bequeathed those funds and our branding to the VACC," said Reilly.


Image: AAP/Julian Smith

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