Authoring software is designed to create a better product documentation

SolidWorks launched its 3DVIA Composer product documentation software package at SolidWorks World in San Diego.

SolidWorks launched its 3DVIA Composer product documentation software package at SolidWorks World in San Diego.

The software is designed to automate the creation of assembly and disassembly procedures, technical illustrations, interactive 3D animations, training materials, marketing materials, sales tools and more.

Based on a lightweight, open, XML-based architecture, 3DVIA Composer allows non-technical users to create associative 2D and 3D product documentation directly from 3D CAD data.

The software empowers users in documentation, sales, marketing, customer service, training, support and manufacturing with 3D data and tools.

Using the software, users can realise substantial savings in time and rework costs by not having to recreate or redo product documentation when there are changes to the product.

In addition, the software can save translation costs and improve a wide range of product communication with 3D animations and with the ability to create interactive product documentation.

According to the company, 3DVIA Composer can read any standard 3D CAD data from SolidWorks and many other systems, and can create a highly compressed lightweight file format.

It can output many standard file formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML, SVG, CGM and more, which permit users to integrate 3DVIA Composer generated contents into existing product documentation.

Because product documentation is a recurring process, 3DVIA Composer makes it possible to automatically regenerate documentation contents when there are changes to the product. 3DVIA Composer also saves time and money by allowing content creators to use whatever partial product information is currently available. Then, when updated product data is available or the product is completed, 3DVIA Composer can apply the new information seamlessly and created updated documentation.

Once documentation contents are created in 3DVIA Composer, content creators have a wide range of additional capabilities, including the ability to permit or deny certain types of access to the deliverables, the ability to protect any 3D contents from misappropriation and the option to distribute the deliverables as discrete outputsand/or with the free, high-performance 3DVIA Player utility.

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