Australia’s first hyperbaric test facility to be built in WA


The first deep water hyperbaric chamber testing and maintenance facility in Australia will be built in Henderson, WA, to validate the design and manufacturing of products intended for subsea or other high-pressure conditions. 

Hyperbaric testing assures manufacturers that the equipment will perform safely and effectively. As Australia’s oil and gas industry grows, more subsea control modules require ongoing maintenance and support. 

Prior to this, Australia has sent subsea control modules overseas for inspection and repairs. By bringing this capability to Australia later this year, the new facility will reduce the test and repair turnaround time from up to four months down to just two weeks, providing a reduction in costs for operators and equipment suppliers. 

The WA government and industry will each provide $600,000 to fund the $1.2 million facility, which will be located at the Australian Marine Complex as part of a comprehensive regional deep water testing facility. 

“This world-class facility will streamline the test and repair process, providing significant time and cost savings across the subsea industry for operators and equipment suppliers,” WA State Development, Jobs and Trade minister Roger Cook said. 

“Jointly funded by the state government and industry, this is an exciting step towards the development of a comprehensive regional deep water testing facility in WA.” 

The new facility can be expanded to provide local capability for repairs and maintenance, further minimising cost and schedule delays, and developing a pool of local expertise and future jobs that can service both the Australian and regional sector’s needs. 

This project is being led by the Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia, industry partners Baker Hughes and Matrix Composites and Engineering, and supported by the LNG Jobs Taskforce.